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services that make a difference

Our staff includes the services of the following service providers :

Full Time Administration service available.

The Clinic is overseen by a Qualified Centre Manager with a vast knowledge of substance abuse.

Clinical Programmes supported by a Psychologist, Professional Psychiatric Nurse and Medical Doctor.

A full time cook provides scrumptious homemade meals for all our Clients.

Therapeutic Programmes supported by our Full Time Social Worker and trained alcohol and drug Counselors.

An in-house stay is offered for a period of 3 weeks. A varied daily programme is strictly followed and includes individual, group and family sessions with the nurse, social worker and psychologist.


In addition, patients attend AA and NA meetings, have audio-visual sessions, workshops, motivational talks by invited guests.

Recreational activities include breathing exercises, playing board games, table-tennis, basketball and using the gym equipment.

Three well-balanced meals and tea is served twice daily.

NOCCA’s doors are open to those that are sincere in their recovery with a willingness to positively change their lives and break away from scourge of alcohol and substance abuse.

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