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Patients Living Quarters


NOCCA places importance on patient comfort during recovery as part of the treatment process. This leads to patient rooms and amenities surpassing the expected and providing the comfort and security needed for a successful recovery.

Getting into treatment and approaching a new lifestyle is a step in the right direction after being overcome by addiction. Your life has likely crumbled beyond that which you ever envisioned for yourself, but knowing that recovery is around the corner, you may be able to see that light in the distance. Though the past may be grim, take pleasure in seeing that you have a future and can start life anew.

With the many comforts to come in your fresh, new life, you’ll be curious about your upcoming surroundings in treatment. Your questions may leave you concerned about your impending stint in rehab, but don’t let worries weigh too heavily on your mind. With addiction and mental health climbing in importance in the health industry, you can take heed in knowing that most facilities offer comforts of everyday life and even surpass what you’re commonly used to in terms of lodging amenities.

NOCCA floor plan
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