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Addiction Intervention Specialists Guide Process.


The emotional involvement of family members who have a loved one with the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction can obstruct a rational, compassionate approach to the situation, which is the most important reason to involve an addiction intervention specialist. Entering an alcohol treatment centre in Tongaat is a courageous step, and a qualified intervention specialist can make all the difference in approaching the subject in a calm, objective manner.


An intervention requires planning and commitment on the part of family members or close friends who have an interest in helping their loved one to recover. They need to inform themselves about how alcohol and drugs affect people before they come face-to-face with their loved one. A NOCCA alcohol intervention counselor can provide educational materials about how addiction affects not only the individual using drugs or alcohol, but the family members, as well. Once they understand the effects of alcohol and drugs on one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, they are ready to stage the intervention. They will meet together to share in a straightforward manner what they have observed about their loved one’s behavior and how it makes them feel. In most cases, the subject of the intervention will commit to accepting help.

iRecover Supports Family After Drug And Alcohol Intervention.


When an individual enters NOCCA residential treatment program after a drug or alcohol intervention, the family does not just drop out of the picture. Families can choose to have sessions with our Clinical Director and Family Therapist. The participant is also able to share what they have learned in treatment with their families after they complete our program. All material is accessible through the iPad each participant receives at the start of treatment and is allowed to keep after treatment is complete.

Addiction intervention begins a journey. Each step leading to recovery is a step toward improved health and communication. The goal of NOCCA is to open the doors to a full and satisfying life without dependence on alcohol or drugs and make it possible for both individuals and families to be renewed through program completion.

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